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How to Scrape Product Data from

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Why Scrape

Decathlon, a leading name in the online sports retail space, presents a diverse selection of sports goods, apparel, and accessories. For businesses and data analysts operating in the sports and retail sectors, scraping data from offers a multitude of opportunities. It grants access to invaluable insights like pricing strategies, product specifications, stock status, and customer demand patterns. Harnessing these insights allows businesses to strategize effectively, influencing their product development, pricing, and marketing campaigns., with its extensive online catalog, represents a treasure trove of data. Through effective data scraping practices, businesses and researchers can dive into the sports retail market trends, gain a better comprehension of customer inclinations, and even predict future demand.

In the era of automation and big data, the act of data scraping becomes a crucial part of strategies aimed at providing real-time insights and facilitating proactive decision-making. Scrapping is therefore an invaluable tool for staying competitive in the rapidly evolving world of sports retail.

What Will We Scrape?

We will scrape the following product data from

  • Product Name
  • Price
  • Availability
  • Product Description
  • Size
  • Product URL
  • Stock Information

Example for Scraping Product Data from


curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'x-api-key: <token>'


  "product": {
    "name": "Combinaison Surf Shorty 100 Néoprène 1,5mm homme bleu marine",
    "price": "25€",
    "average_rating": 4.4,
    "total_reviews": 119,
    "product_code": 8403218,
    "description": "Notre équipe de surfeurs a développé un shorty particulièrement adapté à la pratique du surf en eau chaude, pour des sessions d'une durée inférieure à 1 heure. Un shorty de surf particulièrement adapté à la découverte des premières sensations de glisse sur un surf ou sur un bodyboard en eau chaude.",
    "color": "Bleu marine / Bleu saphir",
    "advantages": {
      "freedom_of_movement": "Coupe favorisant la rotation des bras pendant la rame. Coutures extensibles.",
      "limitation_of_irritation": "Pièces d'aisance dessous de bras et entrejambe.",
      "ease_of_use": "Zip dorsal. Tirette longue.",
      "quick_drying": "Doublure synthétique."
    "guarantee": 2,
    "composition": {
      "foam": "100% Caoutchouc styrène-butadiène moussé",
      "main_fabric": "100% Polyester"
    "user_reviews": {
      "average_rating": 4.43,
      "total_reviews": 119,
      "recommendation_rate": 106,
      "ratings_distribution": {
        "5_stars": 72,
        "4_stars": 34,
        "3_stars": 8,
        "2_stars": 2,
        "1_star": 3
    "questions": [
        "question": "Je mesure 1.87 et pèse 87 kilos qu’elle taille prendre ??",
        "asker": "Bruno",
        "answer": "Je vous conseille de prendre le xl c'est la taille qui sera la plus ajustee pour vous apporter la chaleur nécessaire.",
        "respondent": "Cyril - DECATHLON Clermont Ferrand"
    "verified_reviews": [
        "rating": 5,
        "date": "18/07/2023",
        "author": "Anthony",
        "product_name": "Combinaison Surf Shorty 100 Néoprène 1,5mm homme bleu marine",
        "use_duration": "1 semaine ou moins",
        "size_fit": "Un peu petit",
        "review": "ras"
        "rating": 5,
        "date": "15/07/2023",
        "author": "Emilie",
        "product_name": "Combinaison Surf Shorty 100 Néoprène 1,5mm homme bleu marine",
        "use_duration": "1 semaine ou moins",
        "review": "Ne pas la prendre trop grande il faut qu’elle soit bien ajusté. Parfait pour sport nautique, voile."

Ready to Scrape Data from

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