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How to Scrape Product Data from Laredoute

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Why Scrape

As one of the leading online retailers in France, offers a vast range of products from clothing to home decor. For companies operating in the e-commerce and retail sectors, scraping data from presents numerous opportunities. This data can provide valuable insights such as pricing strategies, product details, availability, and patterns in consumer demand. Such data-driven insights empower businesses to make strategic decisions, from product development and pricing to personalized marketing campaigns.

With a wide online presence, becomes a rich source of data. By utilizing data scraping techniques, businesses and researchers can delve into market trends, understand consumer preferences, and even predict future demand.

Data scraping is a critical aspect of automation and monitoring strategies, offering real-time insights and facilitating proactive decision-making. As the importance of big data increases, scraping becomes a crucial tool for remaining competitive in the dynamic world of e-commerce.

What Will We Scrape?

We aim to scrape the following product data from

  • Product Name
  • Price
  • Availability
  • Product Description
  • Size
  • Product URL
  • Stock Information

Example for Scraping Product Data from

Request :

curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'x-api-key: <token>'

Response :

"brand": "NIKE",
"product": "Baskets Blazer",
"details": "Détails",
"reviews": 1,
"color": "Blanc",
"size": [
{"value": "40", "price": "55,00 €"},
{"value": "40 1/2", "price": "55,00 €"},
{"value": "42", "availability": "Disabled"},
{"value": "42 1/2", "price": "55,00 €"},
{"value": "44", "price": "55,00 €"},
{"value": "44 1/2", "price": "55,00 €"},
{"value": "45 1/2", "price": "89,13 €"},
{"value": "47", "price": "55,00 €"},
{"value": "47 1/2", "availability": "Disabled"}
"quantity": 1,
"original_price": "109,99 €",
"discount": "-50%",
"final_price": "55,00 €",
"detailed_description": "Baskets Blazer blanc NIKE",
"product_reference": "4406639 / GMK290",
"product_details": "Baskets montantes, Usage sportswear, Talon plat, Fermeture : A lacets",
"composition_and_care": "Dessus/Tige : 83% cuir, 17% textile, Doublure : 100% textile, Semelle intérieure : 100% textile, Semelle extérieure : 100% caoutchouc",
"image_url": ";dpr=1",
"reviews": [
"review_date": "27/05/2023",
"product": "Baskets blazer",
"review_text": "Satisfait. Suggestion : préciser si l’article chausse correctement ou prendre une taille en dessous ou au dessus.",
"recommended": "Je recommande ce produit",
"reviewer": "Lolo",
"verified_buyer": true,
"ownership_duration": "J'ai ce produit depuis environ 1 semaine",
"useful": 1,
"reported": "Signaler",
"value_for_money": 5,
"size_fit": "Très petit"

Ready to Scrape Data from

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